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Monday, February 27, 2012

Imagine This ...


                                                                                                                                                                      Imagine this...
Your son looking at a Christmas tree with wonder and excitement. The smile on his face melting your heart.

            Imagine this...
Your son playing in the water at the beach, laughing and giggling with every wave that comes in splashing his face with cool droplets of water, feeling nothing but true happiness.

           Imagine this...
Your son looking at you smiling and giggling because you have stubbed your toe and now it no longer hurts because the love for your son and his smile takes the pain away.

           Imagine this ...
Your son coming and grabbing your hand to take him to bed, because he wants you to cuddle him as he falls asleep and how wonderful that feeling is.

            Imagine this...
Looking at your son as he sleeps with so much love, but now tears are streaming down your cheeks, you find yourself sobbing, praying for a miracle that will save your son.


            Imagine this...
A family needing help to save their only son. Well this is not something to imagine, it is happening right now and they need our help, please share this to as many as you can, PLEASE.


            Imagine this...
Someday this could be one of our children that is in desperate need of help, no child should be overlooked because of a disability or lack of funds. Please be a part of the fight to save this child...  

If you know of any funding available or foundations to help Robert to get a life saving transplant, please contact the family below, this is urgently needed : 
HELP PLEASE !!!!! If someone knows what this family can do please post, this is URGENT he has waited way to long and his life is hanging in the balance something needs to be done now!!!

Update on Robert Moldenhauer: He is still awaiting the insurance approval for lifesaving treatments in Boston, how they can drag their feet like this is beyond me, all of the hospitals that could help him within his state refused to and now one of the top hospitals in the country wants to help but the insurance isn't wanting to pay because it is out of state, hopefully his mom Shohreh Moldenhauer will hear good news soon !!
Contact the family:   
Email :    


  1. I'm praying for this little boy. He is so precious!

    1. Thank you, Jaelyn <3 There just has to be someone out there to help this family, I'm praying they hear something soon.

  2. Robert was just denied coverage in his appeal To The Physicians Plus Insurance Company to save his life please share this sad news to every person and group you know let's help Robert in this battle to save his life.

  3. Robert is now at Children's Hospital Boston and receiving dialysis treatments. The family is now currently living there as Robert awaits a donor <3