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Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Vacation Needed "I Love You"

 "The Morning My Son Said Mommy, I Love You"

     The morning my son said Mommy, I love you, was what I thought was going to be a typical morning, when I say typical I mean in the sense of autism typical for us. For the last year and a half we had been struggling with many ups and downs. The downs being major meltdowns, no speech, frequent illness and constipation, no eye contact, repeating(echoing) to the point of wanting to cover your ears and loud squealing that would vibrate your eardrums etc... The ups being spontaneous speech breakthroughs, eye contact occasionally, smiles and sleeping through the night without fits of fear. He had also started playing with toys in the manner in which they should be played with and started to give us hugs , I so cherished the hugs.
      The night before this typical morning, I thought I needed a vacation from this, something to give me the strength and energy to keep going, a refresher for autism mommy hood. As I laid and slept on this particular morning I was woke up by my son saying Mommy, I had heard him say this before but what I heard next would make me sit straight up in bed. He said "I LOVE YOU", I looked at him and saw the biggest smile on his little face as he looked right at me. Those three words brought tears to my eyes, I had waited for four and a half years to hear those words,  that I did not know if I would ever hear.
       Thank you Brandon for the renewed strength, No Vacation Needed !


  1. I'm sitting here with little tears of happiness for you. I cannot wait for this day! What an awesome thing for you!

  2. I still had happy tears when I wrote it :)Thank you. Keep the faith, things do get better just sometimes, it's in different ways than you expect :)

  3. wow Teena!!! I am weeping!!! I can't wait for that experience! When Brady said it he was just copying. I have to admit though, probably the best thing I have ever heard come from him mouth :)

    Its funny how that works. as soon as we think we can't take anymore they come out with something amazing.

  4. Rachel,I bet it happens real soon, when you posted that in the group it brought tears to my eyes remembering this amazing event <3